Creating impressions for Growth Inc.

Growth Inc. is a non-traditional strategic communication agency founded by Peter Dekeyzer and Olivier Van Horenbeeck. Their team comprises communication and public affairs experts drawing from substantial experience to provide sharp insights to help you achieve your goals. They assist in conveying your message to the right people through the right channels, developing strategies, defining tactics, and delivering results. Growth Inc. aids in expanding your influence where it matters most. In their own words, "Don't settle for attention, demand influence."

To emphasize this slogan, we opted for white business cards with a white foil, creating an impression on the paper. The colored edge business cards stand out from the crowd without being loud. It's about the art of a whisper rather than a shout, yet it leaves a lasting impression.


Raas Van Gaverestraat 118
9000 Gent
+32 475 56 89 74

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