Branding a startup

Gita reached out to us for the branding of her startup. Chalo aimed to disrupt a market dominated by coffee and tea by introducing a flavorful and more exotic alternative: Chai Latte. The main thing was to include a monkey in the brand logo. During her trips to India, she had encountered a chaiwalla, a vendor serving chai on the streets from a mobile cart with a monkey on it. The brand needed to resonate with the younger generation and possess a distinct look, completely disconnected from the imagery traditionally associated with coffee or tea. 

We settled on a black and white theme. With different patterns not only to distinguish between various flavors but also as the overarching graphic motif. The original recipe found its place on the white packaging, while the sugar-free organic line, characterized by a predominantly black theme, was later introduced. We carried the black and white patterns from our packaging into our corporate imagery, collaborating with photographer/artist Nick Proot for the creative process.


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